12.1- Ratio of The Industrial Installations Operating in Organized Industrial Zones to Total Industrial Installations in Terms of Domestic And International Sales

Organized Industrial Zones are being established for the purposes of disciplining the industrial installations, improve development plans of cities and regions, improve efficiency and benefits, facilitate industrialization in less developed regions, control misuse of agricultural land, provide common, more effective and efficient infrastructural, environmental and other facilities and reduce pollution.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology holds a register of industrial installations, based on the Law No. 6948 on Industrial Register. This register is in a dynamic form with instantaneous entries and deletions. According to the data obtained in this register, which is not an official statistics unit, total sales of the installations that operate within organized industrial zones are 19% of the total sales of all the installations in the register for year 2015 and 24% for the year 2016.