4.5- Precipitation

This impact indicator represents amount of average precipitation on unit area in time series.

The long term annual average precipitation is about 574 mm in Turkey. 597.6 mm average rainfall was recorded in 2016 (January 1 to December 31).  According to the rainfall distribution data over the years, 2008 was recorded as a dry year, after which a rainy period started. Although drought was observed again in 2013, rainfall occurred above the long term annual average during the last two years in Turkey.

It was observed that mean areal precipitation in 2016 was 4% higher than the long term annual average, and 2% higher than the average in 2015.  Regionally, while there is increase in Central Anatolia, Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia, decrease has been seen in other regions. The highest increase was in Black Sea region with 26% and the highest decrease was in Mediterranean region with 16%[24].



Source: Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Turkish State Meteorological Service