Environmental Indicators
Environmental Indicators
2.4- Environmental Expenditures

The environmental expenditures of the countries are directly related with their environmental performances and economic welfare. Environmental expenditures appear as a response indicator for the protection of the environment.

Total environmental protection expenditure was 34.4 billion TL in 2017. Out of total environmental protection expenditure, 57.7% was realized by financial and non-financial corporations, 35% was realized by general government and non-profit institutions serving households and 7.3% was realized by households. While share of environmental protection expenditure in gross domestic product was 1.18% in 2013, it was 1.11% in 2017.

In total environmental protection expenditure, waste management services accounted for 49%, wastewater management services accounted for 35%, protection of biodiversity and landscapes accounted for 6.6%, protection and remediation of soil, groundwater and surface water accounted for 3.5% and other environmental protection domains accounted for 5.9% in 2017 [11].

In the EU-28, environmental protection expenditure of private and public sectors in total  was 1.11% of the GDP in 2013 [12].



Source: TURKSTAT, http://www.turkstat.gov.tr/PreHaberBultenleri.do?id=27673

(1) General environmental administration and management, training on environmental protection, activities leading to  indivisible expenditure, and activities not elsewhere classified are included.